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Located in the Charlotte, North Carolina region, Celadon Recycling Solutions (CRS) provides a complete environmentally positive solution to our customers’ requirements to refurbish and recycle their IBC totes as well as treat and dispose of their industrial wastewater.  CRS’s mission is to provide customers with high quality products and dependable service. While customers’ containers are under our care CRS will protect them by providing inside storage. CRS can provide rapid transit to and from your facility for your containers.  Should your company require additional industrial containers CRS can sell  you refurbished totes, drums, or parts depending on your operational requirements.

CRS’s advanced IBC tote refurbishing, and recycling systems allowing customers to recondition their IBC containers, obtain refurbished containers, and/or dispose of them at the end of their useful life.


CRS’s state of the art wastewater treatment facility allows our customers to ship liquid waste water containing nonhazardous and non DOT regulated materials in their IBC’s or as bulk shipments to be treated and discharged. Our facility in Lincolnton, NC operates as a Contract Water Treatment Facility (CWT) for our customers requiring water treatment.  The CRS solution will mitigate customer’s long term environmental liabilities by treat their water through a permitted facility, and receive an end of life solution for those totes that cannot be reused.