CRS provides cost competitive and environmentally sound treatment of non-hazardous liquid waste in container and bulk forms. We maintain various wastewater treatment options to provide our customer’s peace of mind that their business processes are not interrupted and that they have the most competitive treatment options available.


We own  and operates a dedicated wastewater treatment facility in Lincolnton, North Carolina.  Our transportation, storage, and disposal facility offers multiple wastewater treatment options.

As a trendsetter among liquid waste disposal companies, CRS can address your wastewater needs with a wide range of treatment technologies for non-hazardous wastewater.


CRS’s facility is permitted to treat a wide variety of non-hazardous wastewaters including:

  • TSCA, RCRA/TSCA and Non-TSCA PCB waste
  • Non-RCRA regulated industrial waste
  • Non-hazardous waste



Treatment of Inorganic Aqueous Waste

Our facilities utilize highly refined, multi-stage, chemical precipitation processes that remove heavy metals, suspended solids, and residual organics from liquid waste and render the effluents safe for discharge into municipal sewer systems. Inorganic wastewater treatment methods include:

  • Chemical Precipitation of metals
  • Acid/Base Neutralization
  • Chemical Oxidation/Reduction
  • Enhanced coagulation and flocculation with gravity and or dissolved air floatation


Treatment of Organic Aqueous Waste

Our facilities utilize highly refined processes that remove heavy metals, suspended solids and organics from liquid waste. Organic wastewater treatment methods include:

  • Chemical Oxidation
  • Biological Treatment
  • Oil/Water Separation

Types of Industrial Wastewater Treated

  • Inorganic wastewater
  • Organic wastewater
  • Non-hazardous wastewater
  • Oil and water mixtures
  • TSCA, RCRA/TSCA and non-TSCA PCB wastewater

Industrial Wastewater Treatment Technologies

  • Chemical oxidation and reduction
  • Acid/Base neutralization
  • Chemical precipitation of metals
  • Flocculation
  • Filtration
  • Carbon adsorption
  • Biological treatment
  • Oil/Water separation

Transportation Services

Wastewater Transportation Services

  • Pickup and delivery of IBC Totes containing wastewater or empty
  • Vacuum Truck Removal of wastewater